The Choose Yourself Summit commenced on July 28th and ended on July 30th. It was a weekend of learning and talking about boundaries that changed lives.Before the summit I had never spoken about or thought of boundaries in relationships, unless you were talking about the physical kind. Having Michelle Aalbers and The Healthy Boundaries Guy as our guides gave me a new perspective on what relationships can be versus what they currently are. By clearly expressing yourself to whoever you’re in a relationship with you can verbally state your boundaries. I know from firsthand experience stating them only once is not enough. Especially if you don’t do it in a confident manner. Repetition and strength are very much needed in this exercise. The weekend made me feel welcome and at ease. I was able to listen, interject when I felt it was necessary and answer questions when needed. I watched these people open themselves and it reminded me of a saying I like. “Vulnerability is the best place to grow. Some of the stories shared at the event were very deep and emotional. That is what I look for when attending an event. Tell me something I didn’t know when the event started and move me emotionally. I am always skeptical when attending events. However, the Choose Yourself Summit did not disappoint.
Many people at the summit were left impacted. ”The Choose Yourself Summit was a life changing experience for me. To realize that I am not broken, I am just different, was a game changer.” The passion that Michelle has for people, seeing them grow, experience change and believe in themselves is remarkable. I can’t wait for the Choose Yourself Retreat in September at Sugar Lake Lodge, said Cullen Cullen. “Attending Choose Yourself Summit, I was able to find my voice. Share and connect with others during the process of learning healthy boundaries,” added another attendee Mary Wood.
Brent Schott from UnleashUNow attended the event and was gracious enough to speak. “The Choose Yourself virtual Summit though we were in several different physical places there was a powerful energy that seemed to fill us all. We were all sitting on the edge of our seats. We were participating and we were experiencing life change through our computer screens. There was a mutual respect for everyone in the room. One of my favorite things is you could tell everyone came with an expectancy to grow. Their cameras were on and they participated in each moment of the event. This is an experience I will never forget!! Even my post event work that I was challenged to do is still bringing transformation and inspiration,” said Schott.
The Choose Yourself Summit will be followed by the Choose Yourself Retreat in the beginning of September. When asked about the Choose Yourself Summit organizer of the event Michelle Aalbers said “One thing is for certain. The people in the room were meant to come together. It’s always magical when the people at our events connect and get real together,” concluded Aalbers. For more information visit