Dear Reader, 

In 2017, I had an idea to start an instagram page in hopes of starting an accountability tool that would allow me to post pictures and videos of my workouts. This page ensured consistency and progress. As I shared more pictures and videos the page would later transform into something helpful to others not just me. A movement known today as Wheels n Warriors, embracing individuals with disabilities and invisible conditions was born.

The Birth of Weights n Wheels:

The concept began as an accountability tool, centered around the combination of weightlifting exercises and wheelchair-based workouts I started by posting pictures and videos on Instagram to track their progress and maintain consistency in their workouts. Originally, the blog focused primarily on fitness routines and tips to stay dedicated to the fitness journey, particularly for those who navigated workouts from a wheelchair.

The Rise of Wheels n Warriors:

As the Weights n Wheels blog gained traction on social media platforms, it attracted attention from various communities, particularly those advocating for disability rights and inclusion. People resonated with the content, not only those in wheelchairs but also those with invisible disabilities such as chronic illnesses, mental health conditions, or sensory impairments. The blog’s impact went beyond the realm of fitness, cultivating a sense of solidarity and empowerment among diverse individuals facing unique challenges.

The Evolution of the Name:

Recognizing the growing momentum and impact of the blog, it was suggested to me a name change was in order. We created a new name that would better encompass the inclusive nature of the platform. Weights n Wheels transitioned to the new name of Wheels n Warriors. The new title not only paid homage to the disabled community in wheelchairs (“wheels”) but also honored individuals with invisible disabilities (“warriors”). This transformation solidified the blog’s purpose: to celebrate and amplify the voices of those facing physical and invisible challenges. Wheels N Warriors ultimate purpose is to end the judgement surrounding disabled individuals and the lives they lead.

Building a Movement:

With the introduction of the Wheels n Warriors name, the blog became a platform for storytelling, education, and advocacy. It has featured stories of personal triumph, highlighted inclusivity in fitness, recreational activities, and spotlighted individuals excelling in their respective fields. The blog attracted a supportive community, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment among our followers.

The Impact:

Through its continued growth, Wheels n Warriors has fostered invaluable connections and shared experiences among individuals spanning continents. The movement strives to break down societal barriers, raise awareness, and promote inclusivity for people with disabilities and invisible conditions. It has become a source of inspiration, reminding us of the limitless potential that lies within each individual, regardless of their physical or mental challenges.

What began as a simple accountability tool has evolved into the powerful movement of Wheels n Warriors. This blog’s transformation, from Weights n Wheels to its current form, demonstrates the resilience, adaptability, and inclusivity cemented within the disabled community. Through sharing stories, promoting education, and fostering a strong sense of community, Wheels n Warriors continues to empower and celebrate the incredible accomplishments of disabled individuals worldwide.