First of all, I want to apologize for disappearing. The only reasoning, I can give is a lack of discipline and consistency. That is going to change. I feel like I have failed anyone who has read my work. I am starting over from scratch. The goal of Wheels N Warriors is to end the stigma of disability. I also want to change the way people think about, interact with and perceive disabled people. Finally, I want to bring disabled and able-bodied people together. The ways in which I plan on doing this is by shedding light on etiquette, accessibility, resources for the disabled and the overall struggles we live with daily. The expectations set for me with this blog is five blogs weekly Monday through Friday as well as an open dialogue to move the mission forward. Any and all comments are welcome. Whether you want to tell me you like the blog or you want to tell me how it needs to be improved all comments and suggestions are appreciated.