Answer 2 Shoes Review

I recently purchased through my insurance a new pair of shoes called Answer 2.I had worn the same shoes for years and never had a problem. However, over time I acquired an ulcer on one of my toes so my doctor recommended I get a new pair of shoes.

I have only had this new pair of shoes for a few months. The comfort of the shoe is fine. Due to my lack of feeling in my legs how the shoes feel is less important than other factors. As long as my feet don’t hurt comfort is the last consideration. I do like the style of the shoes. An all black look with a splash of color make you notice it but not stand out. The only problem I have with the shoes is is the back. As you can see from the picture the heel of the shoe has fallen in on itself which has made it more difficult to put them on my feet. The Answer 2 cost is 144.95. I didn’t spend money on these shoes because I have insurance. However, if I had I would be disappointed at its performance. I have only had them and they are already breaking down.





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