My Top Ten Advantages and Disadvantages of being disabled

10: Sometimes when I’m out with a friend or my wife and I talk to a customer service associate, waiter, waitress or host they will only address the person I’m with. Even if I’m the one who asks them a question they will answer the person I’m with.

9: People sometimes treat me like I’m a damsel in distress. If I’m out there are some people who fall all over me to try to help me. This can be very nice. It can also be condescending.¬† One thing I would ask of able bodied people is that if you see a disabled person you think may need help ask them first and if they say no don’t persist and let them do it on their own.

8: Handicapped Parking. I would consider this both an advantage and disadvantage. For me it’s nice to be closer to the building. However, I don’t need to necessarily¬† park close to the building. I can roll far distances. The reason I need handicapped parking is the extra room with the lines next to the space so I can get my wheelchair in and out of my car. When someone takes it upon themselves to park in that space it prevents me from getting in our out of my car.

7: Front of the line at amusement parks. This one isn’t all that important to me. I’m the type of person that once I’ve been on an amusement park ride I’m good and I don’t need to be on it again. My wife on the other hand would live at Disneyland if she could.

6: Front of the line at concerts. This one is important to me. I love music and if I go to a concert and miss a song because of the crowd or because I’m in line it would ruin my night.


5: I can always bend down to reach something on the ground.

4: Fitting into the big stall in bathrooms. This one is helpful if no one is using it unnecessarily and if it’s big enough for me to get in. Some of them feel like human sized sardine cans.

3: All hills become roller coasters. If I’m on a hill and no cars or people are around I roll down the hill as fast and safe as I can.

2: Before I was with my wife I would go to karaoke bars, dance and inevitably women would need to sit down and use my lap

1: My wheelchair is my wingman. When I was younger I always assumed women wouldn’t want to be around me because of my disability. I have been proven wrong many times. My wheelchair is the equivalent of a puppy in the park.



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